Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to kick start your kids modeling career ;)

I had totally forgotten about this picture until the subject came up in a conversation on Facebook today.

So a few months ago Carter was having HORRIBLE diaper rash issues.  I thought his cloth diapers were the culprit and put him back in disposables only to have the same problems (though slightly better b/c I could use a zinc-based cream).  We finally figured out that he has trouble with milk and has a horrible reaction that last for about 24-48 hours after ingestion (though he does ok with many cultured products like yogurt and with most cheeses).  He would be all red and swollen anywhere that his poo touched his skin.  One night I was fed up with it and remembered hearing someone say (before I had kids) that they would cut the bottom out of a diaper with boys so they wouldn't pee all over when she let them go naked--to let the skin breathe.

I will preface this by saying that I never intended to share this pictures publicly.  I took pictures only to send to my mom because it was SO funny looking.  She, in turn, showed them to a nurse she works with that is constantly harping about letting wounds "breathe".  That nurse then asked for my permission to use the picture in her teaching materials :).  So I guess this is the birth of Carter's modeling career...though I'm not sure how appreciative he'll be in the future.

***I DO NOT recommend doing this with a disposable diaper!  The little moisture absorbing beads get everywhere...on your floor as well as on the baby's skin which can be even more irritating.  I have since done this with a cloth diaper and used pins to keep it in place (snappi's don't work as well as there isn't any material to "catch" with the bottom of the Y shape).***

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