Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catch Up - Feb 2011

So at the end of Jan I told you we had some nice weather?  It was VERY short-lived!  Mid-Feb we got hit by the snowpocalypse :).  It was kind of nice though b/c we didn't need to go anywhere, James was off work, and we spend lots of family time together (plus I got to do some actual cooking).

This was our front porch before bed.
 Our car the next morning.
 Our poor postman trudged through this junk...this is what it looked like with me crouching down looking out the front door.
 Charlotte's house was no suited for a 70 lb dog
 This was the snow hanging off our front porch roof...this was a few days after the snow.
 We finally dug out Friday (I think)...isn't he great for doing all the work!
 Carter was content to try out a Christmas gift instead of helping shovel.

 We finally got out to see Opa and Oma (James's parents) and they surprised Carter with new music!  He LOVES listening to music :)

(I have more pics on my phone, and I will upload those as soon as my phone cooperates)

Catch Up - Jan 2011

January was very much the same as December....cold! (I have more pics on my phone, and I will upload those as soon as my phone cooperates)

Carter starting calling Henry "bubba" and kissing, hugging, rubbing his back, and patting his tummy.
 We also found out that the only way he was going to eat fish sticks was with ketchup...which was a messy discovery!

Carter got better and better at signing (here he's signing more after pulling groceries off the table)....guess he was extra hungry this day.
Bath time is more fun since he learned to splash.
 And Henry still slept a lot...

At the end of the month it did warm up and give us a few good days to go to the Tulsa Zoo!  This trip was less fun for Carter b/c he didn't really care for seeing the animals, but now he loves it :)

Catch Up - December 2010

OK, finally have some pictures to share, so I'm going to back up about to December.  Man I'm bad at  So here are pics from December.

Carter finally decided to try eating with a spoon...
But still prefers his hands (here is his fave treat, peanut butter on a rice cake).

He was still drinking from a bottle most of the time.

But finally decided that sippy cups were ok sometimes too :)

Mommy didn't realize at the time how long his hair was  Look at all those pretty curls!

We took a trip to KC shortly after Christmas to spend time with Adriana....this was on the way to meet some friends at Union Station.

Henry was a little left out from pictures this month...mostly b/c I always seem to forget my camera when he was playing and partly b/c he mostly just slept :).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update on the Fam :)

I've been waiting to update until I was able to get my camera battery charged again, but I'm still losing the battle of finding the charger.  So I thought I'd just give a quick update on what's been hapening lately.

A while back we decided that we were getting way too many "your little girl is so cute" comments considering we have two we cut Carter's hair.  It looks pretty good and he did GREAT!  I thought he'd be scared of the clippers, but he let me do everything but get real close to trim around his ears.  It's growing so fast, he's probably due for another cut in about a week or so.  And, yes...I did save his hair.  I wasn't planning on it, but once I made the first swipe with the clippers and saw how much I was actually cutting, I freaked a bit :)

We also have successfully (so far) moved Carter into his "big boy" twin bed.  Sometime Saturday night it appears he crawled out of bed and tried to curl up on the floor.  We assume he crawled out b/c we didn't hear him fall (he does have a rail up that covers 1/2 the bed) but James heard him whimper a bit and when he went to check on him there he was on the floor trying to cover up with his little security blanket (about 1 ft x 1 ft).  Other than that he's done wonderfully!

Henry is starting to babble more and more and sleeps through the night now (meaning he sleeps about 8-12 hours at a time), needing only one late night feed and then only if he goes to bed before 10:00 pm.  Thank you Lord for such wonderful sleepers!  Henry does seem to be teething now, but it's not nearly as bad as I remember with Carter...another blessing!

I'll try to post some pictures from my phone later...and hopefully sometime soon I'll find the battery charger for our regular camera :)