Wednesday, May 9, 2012

One Word to Describe My Day

Today on Facebook a relative of mine posted a simple request to write one word on her status that summed up your day.  Since approximately 9:45 this morning...that would be Aspergers.  It really shouldn't have been a surprise, we've seen many of the traits displayed for over a year, but somehow hearing that what you assumed were short term corrections in your child are now long term character traits...well, I don't know how that would be easy for any mom.

Carter has had yet another thing added to his list of diagnoses...genu recurvatum, hypotonia, and now aspergers.  None of these thing define who he is nor do they change his quality of life or life expectancy.  All are relatively mild and have required little change (other than in my head).  And this diagnosis today doesn't change who Carter has always been.  There was no sudden change in his demeanor, behavior, or speech.  No light bulb suddenly went off over his (or my) head.  In fact, the day has been relatively the same as any other day.

Thinking about it can cause me to tear up or panic slightly, but then I remember that this doesn't change who Carter is.  He is NOT his diagnosis.  The only thing, in fact, that this does change is how I handle the frustrations that come up in our day to day lives.  The fits are probably never going to go away completely.  The frustration won't even out when he "grows up".  Instead of looking up "how to potty train your toddler", I'll be searching for "how to potty train your toddler with aspergers".  It will change how we handle what might otherwise be normal developmental frustrations/setbacks.  It will change how I assess his progress (even more than his hypotonia diagnosis).  But he's still the same kid.

In other news, since I'm awful at posting on here for all our wonderful family who follow me...

Carter got glasses!  His left eye was extremely far-sighted.  He looks adorable!  And his language skills have been growing by leaps and bounds since he got the glasses :)

Carter will be fitted this Friday for a shoe insert to help with his ankle/knee pain (from the genu recurvatum and hypotonia).  We're hoping this will help as he complains of his ankles/knees hurting from time to time and no one wants to see a kid in pain :(

Henry is running, tiptoeing everywhere, and LOVES wrestling with his brother...who takes it very well!

Henry is finally starting to really talk to us.  He went from saying a handful of words to trying to construct 2-3 word sentences in just a few weeks!  It's been really amazing to see how much he has to say now that he's learning how.

Henry and Carter are within one size of one another (Henry is in 2T and Carter 3T)...but both are really too skinny for the length they need in pants.  Yet another reason to love summer and shorts weather :)

They boys love popcorn, applesauce, oatmeal, shrimp, and sloppy joes.  They don't like most of the "normal" toddler fare (mac and cheese, sandwiches, grilled cheese, etc.)

Here are some pics from the last few months...enjoy!