Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gluten week down

Thought I would write an update on how we are doing on a gluten free diet and some other things that have been going on lately.  Here is more info on why we are going gluten free.  So far we have seen a bit of an immediate improvement in Carter's attitude and some other physical symptoms of his hypotonia.  One things is that he is falling less.  He used to fall up to 20 or so times a day on a bad day (I mean falling as he's walking not tripping over things--it was worse in shoes) and has bruises all over his knees.  Now he seems to only fall when he is starting to get tired so it's significantly less.  Hopefully this will get better.  Carter has also made huge leaps in speech...stringing two words together without prompting (something he hasn't done before) and his vocabulary seems to be expanding.  He is also actually asking for food...real food!  It used to be a struggle to get him to eat anything that wasn't a cookie (animal cracker/graham cracker) or crackers (goldfish mostly).  Now he is actually asking for things like eggs, beans and rice, and bananas.  He also seems to be overcoming some of his texture issues when eating.  He used to not like anything that was crunchy or hard to bite into and that seems to be getting better.  I can't say for sure that the diet is the reason for this, but it's still exciting!

I have also been doing better.  I think this diet has actually been hardest on me as I am so used to grabbing something quick and easy for lunch and that was usually a sandwich.  Gluten free bread (at least the kind we bought) makes me avoid sandwiches unless neccessary :(  I so very much miss  The good thing is that I had been having constant migraines, at least once a day in the week or two leading up to the diet.  Now that I'm going strong, the migraines are almost completely gone!  I have had migraines since I was in my early teens and so this is a great relief!  I still notice them when I eat sugar, but we have also been limiting that and it helps a lot.  It is so true when people tell you that the more bread and sugar you eat the more you crave.  I used to crave them all the time and now it isn't so bad.  I have also lost 3 pounds so far, mostly I'm sure because we are just eating better food (almost nothing overly processed) and I'm not snacking as much.

In other news, Henry is definitely mobile now!  He is rolling everywher and likes to scoot around in the walker from time to time.  He also loves to bounce in the jumper at James's parents house!  I was telling James the other day that it is almost like being a first time parent because we never went through these "normal" things with Carter.  He was so content to just lay on his back, I think he only rolled twice before he was one and Henry will roll just to reach things on the floor.  It is so fun to watch the boys together.  Carter loves kissing on Henry, as long as Henry keeps his hands to himself.  Henry watches EVERYTHING Carter does and so wants to be with him all the time.

We also moved Carter back into his crib.  He had done well for weeks in his "big boy" bed, but began getting out every 5 minutes at bed and nap times.  He would scream, throw a fit, and run out of his room every time we put him back.  He wouldn't sleep with us laying down with him or with us in the room.  We decided that maybe because of all he has been learning, he was overwhelmed with the thought of making all of these changes and the comfort of his crib might help him to sleep.  I think we were right b/c we have had hardly a problem putting him down since the switch.  Now our biggest issue is getting him to be quiet for a while during nap time as he goes through this transition from two to one nap each day.

I'm excited to see what we have in store in the coming weeks and I'll try to post more pictures soon.

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