Thursday, July 21, 2011

Exciting, exciting times :)

What an exciting last few weeks we've had!  James was out of town last week and so it was just me and the boys for about 6 days.  We had fun cuddling, watching Veggie Tales, and just hanging out (one day we didn't even get out of our pj's).  While James was gone, Henry learned how to sit up on his own :)  He'd done it once or twice before, but it became a multiple-times-per-day occurrence as of last week.  And, just for reference, this is about 6 months before Carter did it.

This week, it's been nice to have James home, but we certainly haven't finished our tricks!  Henry cut his 6th tooth :).  Carter has discovered he likes to make nests around the house with towels/blankets/sheets/etc.  And Tuesday night Henry pulled up for the first time ever!  We did get it on cell phone video and I'll try to post it later this week.  Henry has also spent a bit of time on his feet, leaning against our rather large footstool.  He's ventured a few steps and is learning how to sit down (so glad my kids are patient enough to learn this before  He and Carter LOVE standing on opposite sides of the foot stool and "talking" back and forth (Henry's becoming quite the motor mouth...though mostly unintelligible chatter) and playing the drums on the foot stool.  It's been so much fun, though they are certainly going to be troublemakers together.

Today I walked into the living room to find that Carter had pulled a carton of cherries out of the trash and Henry was eating them.  It had just happened so he didn't actually get to any pits (THANK GOD!).  Carter can be pretty sneaky and is good at giving Henry things he isn't supposed to have ;)  (Lara Bars, cherries, paper, etc.)

Henry is also eating really well!  The other day we had carrots, pears, and I'm pretty sure he "vacuumed" some of Carter's oatmeal off the floor during breakfast.  He also enjoys bananas (whole, not cut in bits), avocado, blueberries, cherries (peeled, pitted, and cut up), and grapes (also peeled and cut up).  It's been so nice to not have to worry about feeding him purees and he's really enjoyed learning to eat new foods.  We've actually had fewer (read: zero) choking issues than we did with Carter!  Both boys are growing like weeds and it's been fun to watch them grow this summer :)

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  1. As much as I don't want Connor to grow up too fast, I have to admit I'm looking forward to *true* solid food days! I just pureed enough green beans to last a month. Ewww LOL