Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catch Up - December 2010

OK, finally have some pictures to share, so I'm going to back up about to December.  Man I'm bad at  So here are pics from December.

Carter finally decided to try eating with a spoon...
But still prefers his hands (here is his fave treat, peanut butter on a rice cake).

He was still drinking from a bottle most of the time.

But finally decided that sippy cups were ok sometimes too :)

Mommy didn't realize at the time how long his hair was  Look at all those pretty curls!

We took a trip to KC shortly after Christmas to spend time with Adriana....this was on the way to meet some friends at Union Station.

Henry was a little left out from pictures this month...mostly b/c I always seem to forget my camera when he was playing and partly b/c he mostly just slept :).

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