Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catch Up - Jan 2011

January was very much the same as December....cold! (I have more pics on my phone, and I will upload those as soon as my phone cooperates)

Carter starting calling Henry "bubba" and kissing, hugging, rubbing his back, and patting his tummy.
 We also found out that the only way he was going to eat fish sticks was with ketchup...which was a messy discovery!

Carter got better and better at signing (here he's signing more after pulling groceries off the table)....guess he was extra hungry this day.
Bath time is more fun since he learned to splash.
 And Henry still slept a lot...

At the end of the month it did warm up and give us a few good days to go to the Tulsa Zoo!  This trip was less fun for Carter b/c he didn't really care for seeing the animals, but now he loves it :)

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