Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catch Up - Feb 2011

So at the end of Jan I told you we had some nice weather?  It was VERY short-lived!  Mid-Feb we got hit by the snowpocalypse :).  It was kind of nice though b/c we didn't need to go anywhere, James was off work, and we spend lots of family time together (plus I got to do some actual cooking).

This was our front porch before bed.
 Our car the next morning.
 Our poor postman trudged through this junk...this is what it looked like with me crouching down looking out the front door.
 Charlotte's house was no suited for a 70 lb dog
 This was the snow hanging off our front porch roof...this was a few days after the snow.
 We finally dug out Friday (I think)...isn't he great for doing all the work!
 Carter was content to try out a Christmas gift instead of helping shovel.

 We finally got out to see Opa and Oma (James's parents) and they surprised Carter with new music!  He LOVES listening to music :)

(I have more pics on my phone, and I will upload those as soon as my phone cooperates)

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